[NOTICE] Warning concerning iOS 10.3
Update: 03/24/2017 01:00:00 PDT
Thank you for playing

Regarding the new iOS 10.3 update to be put out by Apple, we have performed device inspections and have found that due to a difference between OS's, the deletion and subsequent reinstallment of the game may cause it to start as a fresh install, rendering any previous play data as no longer associated with the device.

For those who have updated to iOS 10.3, and even for those planning to change devices or prepare for the possibility of your phone being damaged, to avoid any trouble caused by this phenomenon please secure your account by binding it to a Facebook account as soon as possible.

*Currently, we are experiencing many cases of guest (non-Facebook) accounts being lost.
Restoration of these accounts are possible, but the process is very strict and can take a long time.
Please follow the steps below to note down your unique user info at your earliest convenience in the event that customer support is required for data restoration:

* Data transfers cannot be performed via iTunes, iCloud, or any other data backup services.

- About Your Inquiry Code

Your inquiry code is a 12-digit code that can only be viewed by its owner, and serves as proof of ownership of one's data when contacting customer support.

* This is different from the 9-digit number that serves as your player ID.

- Find Your Inquiry Code

In the app, from the title screen go to Info > Customer Support
* It is suggested that you make note of this somewhere other than the device you are using so that you do not lose it.

* To avoid any misuse of your inquiry code, make sure you do not share it with anyone else.
We look forward to your continued support of