Introducing EX Points!

• EXVIUS pts (abbv. EX pts) are points that can be purchased with lapis.
• They are obtained anytime you purchase shop items with cash currency.
• Points received can be confirmed on the lapis purchase screen.
• You can receive items in order on the list depending on how many pts you have.
• The list can be viewed by tapping the EX pts button in the upper right hand corner of the lapis purchase screen.
• Rewards obtained will be sent to your message box.
• Once you have amassed enough pts to claim all the rewards, the list will be restarted and any overage you have will count toward your new list.

• The EXVIUS summon is located under HOME > Summon > Free Summon > EXVIUS Summon.

• Contents of the EXVIUS summon are subject to change along with the normal rare summon.
• The drop rates for each unit obtainable via each EX ticket can be confirmed via the EXVIUS summon.

• Any gifts not received within 30 days of being sent will be erased.
• If your gifts do not appear in your message box, please try restarting the app.
• There are some items which only reward EX points once per day. For details, see the lapis purchase screen or refer to the help section.
• Contents of rewards capable of being received with EX points is subject to change.

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