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[Status Clarification & Compensation]
Due to unauthorized access to our servers being detected at 9/21 15:00 PDT,
we were forced to undergo emergency maintenance from 9/21 17:07 to 9/22 10:00 PDT.

According to our investigation on the matter, the only suspicious activity confirmed thus far has been the unauthorized distribution of lapis, the game's currency.

Regarding the unauthorized distribution of said lapis, game data will not be reset or otherwise altered after determining that this distribution did not affect any users negatively.

For any further clarification regarding this particular incident, please direct your questions to customer support by filing a ticket detailing your concerns.

As for compensation to make up for the unscheduled maintenance, the following will be given to all players with our deepest apologies:

・NRG restore (10) x 20
・Summon Ticket x 3
・Lapis x 900
・Advance Token x 20
・Ancient Coin x 3

Furthermore, any events currently running shall all be extended for one more day. These include:
・FFXI Collaboration
・Free Daily Summon
・Enchanted Maze
・Shadow of the Empire (Re-run)
・Half Energy Story Quests
・Great Success Rate Fusion
・Gil Snapper's Cave

We deeply apologize for this incident, and sincerely ask for your continued support of