Letter from the producer

We deeply apologize to all of our users for the unauthorized access incident and various crashes which have happened over the past week.
We would now like to explain the state of things as they are.

Concerning the unauthorized access, as credit card info, Facebook passwords and so forth are not stored within the game, there have been no leaks regarding this information. We have also taken steps to prevent further incidents by boosting our security, as well as rethinking our method of server surveillance.
We have also filed reports with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and are performing thorough investigations on all fronts.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience all of this may have caused.

Next, we would like to go over the various crashes and so forth which occurred following the launch of our newest version (2.3.0).

The following bugs occurred
following the app's update.
1. App crashes
2. Corrupt menu text
3. Bugs where chests were
inaccessible on event maps
4. Sheratan in the Chamber of Arms was not behaving as expected

The app was updated to
version 2.3.1 on 10/2 at 10:00 PDT

(The iOS version has yet to appear in the store. Please wait a little longer for it to appear.)

By updating to the version above,
1. app crashes
2. corrupt menu text
should be fixed.

If you are experiencing any bugs, we ask that you please update your app.

Please contact customer service
if your problems persist,
and/or you need assistance in restoring your data.
Customer service can be accessed from a button in the upper right hand corner of the title screen.

3. Bugs where chests were
inaccessible on event maps
4. Sheratan in the Chamber of
Arms was not behaving as expected
issues have been taken care of through emergency maintenance.

Any issues that we were unable to fix during our emergency maintenance will be taken care of during our scheduled maintenance on 10/5.

We apologize if this extended maintenance.
The bugs which have arisen thus far have been mainly the result of insufficient debugging on our part.
There was also a lack of thoroughness on the part of the operational side during the version update check.
We will be sincerely rethinking how we handle things, and reconstructing our methods.

We deeply apologize to all of our players for the various bugs they have experienced, as well as the many times they have been forced to install and update the app.

As an apology for all the trouble caused by these bugs, we will be compensating all of our users at a later date.

And not only will we be handing out gifts to our users, we are also working diligently to introduce fun new events so that all our users can continue to enjoy the game.

We sincerely apologize to all of our players for the inconveniences these issues have caused.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

Hiroki Fujimoto
Producer of FFBE Global Version