Community Event: Memory Candy Craze

Community Event: Memory Candy Craze

A tad of quality sugar and a cup of delicious water - these simple ingredients are all that is needed to make memory candy! And while you're on the road of becoming a
famed candy maker, we made sure to give you some awesome rewards for your hard work! See the details below:

・Event Period:
10/6 1:00 PDT - 10/26 0:59 PDT

All FFBE users who have created their account and played the game before 10/26 1:00 PDT.

a. Players need to participate in the dimensional vortex event, In Search of True Strength, and get as much quality sugar and delicious water as they can. These items will be used for making memory candies.

b. During the event period, the total number of memory candies in the game will be monitored. Depending on the amount of memory candies created, you will receive the following:
- 1,000,000 memory candies: King metal minituar x10
- 3,000,000 memory candies: Lapis x300
- 6,000,000 memory candies: Rare summon ticket x2

- Unlocked rewards will be sent out in November. Stay tuned to the official FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Facebook page for more updates.
- Rewards must be claimed from your message box within 30 days after the rewards were sent.