Version 2.6.1

Greetings players of FFBE, we have listened to your feedback and are truly sorry for the multiple issues which occurred in version 2.6.0. The following fixes have been implemented in latest version, 2.6.1, to ensure no such issues like these will happen again.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience all of this may have caused.

Fixes :
- Fixed summon time display duration.
- Fixed an issue where some banners in vortex weren't displayed fully due to scrolling.
- Fixed an issue where unit bonuses in expeditions were not being displayed correctly.
- Fixed summon ticket counter alignment.
- Fixed the issue where the game would crash in Siren's Tower when taking more than 3 turns to clear wave 4.
- Fixed Olive's mortar beacon mechanic in the arena.
- Fixed an issue where combining Trust Moogles with each other did not work as intended.
- General bug fixes and optimization carried out.
- Fixed the issue where the daily quest, Spend 50 NRG, did not count story events.
- Fixed an issue where friend gifts that were not claimed after 45 days or more were unavailable to be claimed anymore following the version upgrade to 2.6.0.
- Fixed issue where all times on the summon banner page were being displayed in UTC for the event start time and UTC +8 for the event end time.
- Fixed missing text from season 1 story

10+1 summon ticket x 1
Lapis x 500
Advance token x 24

[How to Claim]
Please claim your compensatory gift by tapping the mail icon on the home screen.
*Please note that it will take some time to distribute the gift to all users.
*Users have five days to login to receive the gift, after which it must be claimed from their message box within 30 days.
Note :
- Raid notifications: Raid notifications might still pop up upon orb refill even after the raid event is over.
- Festival of Love event - Week 2 rewards not claimable

Please contact customer service if your problems persist, and/or you need assistance in restoring your data. Customer service can be accessed from a button in the upper right hand corner of the title screen. You can also contact customer support by accessing the following URL and clicking on the CONTACT US button.