Temporary Closure of Supercite Expeditions

We will be adjusting the balance of rewards and cost for supercite expedition missions. However, their time duration and difficulty level will remain the same.

After maintenance, we will be releasing the second type of supercite expedition missions (Violet and Yellow), and users will be able to do both supercite expeditions missions simultaneously.

All other expeditions missions will still be available, but the supercite reward missions will be closed during the stated closing period to ensure their smooth integration.

We advise players to complete or end their supercite missions before the mentioned date. Users will also be compensated for their lost expedition time.

[ Closing Period ]
Wednesday 5/23 01:00 - Thursday 5/24 after maintenance

[ Compensation ]
Advance Token x 24

[How to Claim]
Please claim your compensatory gift by tapping the mail icon on the home screen.
*Please note that it will take some time to distribute gifts to all users.
*Users have 30 days to claim their gifts, after which they will be unavailable.