Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

Raid Event Chaining Issue

The current chaining bug related to additional damage dealt will affect the raid event "STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Vanquish Jie Revorse!"

Due to this bug, the total damage displayed after each raid battle will be lower than intended, as it does not include the additional chain damage value.

Regarding the raid's "Level Bonus," this additional damage dealt from chaining will not be counted towards the raid boss's total HP.

Players will only receive the amount of "Raid Coins" and "Event Pts" that do not take into account the contribution of additional chain damage.

Due to the issues mentioned, the following will be implemented:
- Compared to previous raid events, the current raid boss total HP counted towards the "Level Bonus" will be reduced on all levels.
- Compared to previous raid events, the milestone requirements for current individual raid completion rewards will be reduced.

Players will also be compensated with 10,000 raid coins daily throughout this period:
Friday 7/27 01:00 - Friday 8/10 00:59 PDT
*Compensated raid coins will be sent directly to your mailbox.

We are aware of this issue in the current 3.0.2 version, and the necessary fixes will be implemented in the next patch update.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused, and thank you for your patience.