7★ Awakenings Unlocked!

Starting from Thursday 08/02 after maintenance

All players can log in during the month of August to claim a one time gift of 3,000,000 gil to celebrate the arrival of 7★ awakenings!

Maximum unit level has been extended to 120!

  • *The level for 7★ awakened units will start from 101.

Maximum parameters have been extended!

Maximum LB (Limit Burst) level has been extended from 25 to 30 for 7★ units!

Unlock a 7★ unit's Trust Ability by equipping it with its respective Trust Master Reward!

  • *The effects of Trust Abilities don't show on screen unless the unit has its Trust Master Reward equipped.

You will need a material called a "prism" to awaken a 6★ unit to its 7★ form.
To obtain the prism of the unit you wish to awaken to 7★, simply convert a 5★ or 6★ copy of the same exact unit.

From the Awaken Units menu, tap on Conversion on the top right side of the screen. You will then be able to select a unit for conversion.

  • *Only units with unlocked 7★ awakenings may be converted.

The conversion menu will show the items you can obtain by converting a certain unit before the conversion actually takes place.
Converting a unit will grant you that unit's prism and a prism moogle with the unit's Trust Master Reward.

  • *Once units are converted into prisms, they cannot be reverted to their original state.
  • *Prism moogles retain the same Trust Master value as that of the original unit the Trust Master belonged to before said unit's conversion.
  • *A conversion will not yield any prism moogles if the Trust Master Reward of the unit being converted has already been claimed.

*The trust level of prism moogles can be increased by fusing regular trust moogles to them, or 3★ trust moogles specific to that prism moogle's particular Trust Master. Trust Masters can be obtained by increasing their percentage to 100%.

You can awaken a 6★ unit at a max level of 100 to 7★ by using the prism you obtain from converting another copy of the same exact unit.

More details regarding Super Trust Master Rewards will be shared in the upcoming "New Super Trust Masters!" announcement.

  • Notice:
  • *Please note that 7★ awakenings will become available from Thursday 8/2 after maintenance
  • *The featured units receiving a 7★ awakening will be announced each time through the 7★ Awakenings Unlocked! news in-game.