[Special FFXV Ticket]
Players can obtain a Special FFXV Ticket by performing a 10+1 summon on the FFXV Featured Summon.

Players can also obtain Special FFXV Tickets by purchasing the Fantastic FFXV Bundle.

[Special FFXV Ticket Summon]
Players can perform one Special FFXV Ticket summon with five Special FFXV Tickets for a guaranteed FFXV 5★ unit!

Increased drop rates for Ignis!

[Summon Period]
Starting from Friday 10/5 01:00 - Friday 10/26 00:59 PDT

[Find the Special FFXV Ticket Summon here!]
Head over to the Summon screen, select the Standard Summon tab and tap on the Special FFXV Ticket summon banner.

* This screenshot is a sample image.

** Only 6 chosen FFXV 5★ units will be available for this summon.