Fan Festa 2018 – Fan Festa 2018 Special Unit, Cosplay Showcase, and more!

FFBE Fan Festa 2018 Special Unit
We are pleased to announce the Fan Festa 2018 special unit: Aurora Fryevia!

All ticket holders who attend FFBE Fan Festa 2018 can be the first to receive this new and powerful unit inspired by the fan-favorite global exclusive! Attendees will not only receive one copy of the 5★ base Aurora Freyvia, but will also receive an Aurora Fryevia’s Prism to awaken her to 7★!

Aurora Fryevia boasts an array of light elemental abilities, and can use a Dual Ability to unleash two of these attacks in a single turn. She will also share some abilities with Fryevia, allowing them to chain together. Furthermore, Aurora Fryevia will have access to an additional ability when in the same party as Fryevia!

Be the first to use Aurora Fryevia by attending FFBE Fan Festa 2018!* Additional details on Aurora Fryevia and FFBE Fan Festa can be found at the official FFBE Fan Festa 2018 website:

*Aurora Fryevia will be added to the rare summon pool and available to all players following a set period of time after the conclusion of Fan Festa 2018.

Fan Festa Cosplay Showcase
Calling all cosplayers! We're excited to announce a cosplay showcase at FFBE Fan Festa 2018!

No matter your skill level, come and show your love for FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS characters! All registered participants will take home a lovely prize, and have the chance to win even more during the competition! Check out the FFBE Fan Festa 2018 website for details!

Introducing ‘The Orders’ – The FFBE Fan Festa 2018 Band!

Experience the magic of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS’s soundtrack live at FFBE Fan Festa 2018! This year’s event will be headlined by a 17-person ensemble—The Orders!

FFBE Fan Festa 2018 will feature two live performances: Symphonic Visions – Night of Adventure and Night of Battle! These two performances will showcase some of the most beloved and awe-inspiring music of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

With so much happening during Fan Festa 2018, you won't want to miss out! We can't wait to see everyone in Long Beach, California from December 8-9, 2018!

FFBE Fan Festa 2018 Official Website: