Thank you for playing

All players will receive the following compensation for the issues that were fixed in app version 3.3.0 previously:
-500 lapis
-NRG Restore (10) x15

The aforementioned compensation was distributed during maintenance.

These issues have been resolved and we expect no further setback from them.

1. Error regarding Dragonlord 7 ★: Unit was not getting the intended skill unlocks and stat increases.
2. Changes to the selling price and stack size for:
-Trochoid Gear
-White Phantoma
-Musical Note
3. Damage for "Côte d'Azur S.O.W" equipment was fixed for normal attacks.
4. Malphasie's ability "Tenebrous Dive" has been fixed
5. The magic "Alterna" enabled by Noctis's TMR: Ring of the Lucii has been reverted to 80 MP.
6. Unintended dungeons in Chamber of Crystal were removed
7. Adam Jensen's "Icarus Dash" for physical damage has been fixed.
8. Missing quests in "Training the Soul" dungeon for Lasswell and Fina are no longer missing.
9. Noctis's Limit Burst effects have been fixed.
10. Unintended behavior for Kryla's "Hex Eye" in the Arena has been fixed.
11. Missing cutscene in Ghost Port Kolobos is no longer missing.
12. Missing translations for some units, abilities, and equipment are no longer missing.
13. Selling price for Gold Coin has been fixed.
14. Bonus units in the Arena not working as intended have been fixed.
15. Lilith's ability "Demonic Guard - Magical" has been fixed.
16. Expansion Voucher issue has been fixed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these issue may have caused, and thank you for your patience.