Fan Festa 2018 – Goodie Bag Reveal and Developer Panel Details!

Goodie Bag Reveal on
SQUARE ENIX Mobile Friday

Get an up-close look at some of the goodie bag items Fan Festa 2018 attendees will be receiving! Don't miss the unveiling during SQUARE ENIX Mobile Friday, today, October 26, 2018 beginning at 1:30pm Pacific time!

You can tune in by heading here:

Join the SQUARE ENIX team as they tackle festive Halloween content in FFBE, discuss Fan Festa updates, and of course, reveal goodie bag items!

Developer Panel Details

We're excited to announce more details for our developer panels!

Community Panel: The producers, Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto, will devote half of this panel to discussing a recent player survey and the direction of FFBE moving forward. The second half of the panel will be… Steel Castle Melfikya, but in real life! Fan Festa attendees will work together to design a special accessory, which all players will receive at a later date!

Art Panel: Legendary pixel artist and Art Director from SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD, Kazuko Shibuya joins the producers and other FFBE art team members to reveal how FFBE’s pixel art characters are made, start to finish. The developers will discuss the complete character design process and show how the gorgeous CG characters are made!

Story & Lore Panel: The producers and SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD Creative Director Tetsuya Fujimoto will shed new light on all the different twists and turns the FFBE story has taken since its inception, and hint at where the story is going! Learn how the main and side stories are crafted, how the team approaches writing characters, and how writing for a mobile title differs from writing for other mediums.

Game Design Panel: Yutaka Utsugi, FFBE Japanese version Operations Producer and Director, and Hideo Iwasaki, FFBE Global version Director, both of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD, will join gumi Asia Pte Ltd. Producer Foo Shi Hao and the FFBE producers to discuss how they approach designing powerful boss encounters and how they keep units feeling unique, among other topics. They'll pull back the curtain and reveal how the game is maintained and continuously updated!

FFBE Fan Festa 2018 Special Unit

In case you missed it, we are pleased to announce the Fan Festa 2018 special unit: Aurora Fryevia!

All ticket holders who attend FFBE Fan Festa 2018 can be the first to receive this new and powerful unit inspired by the fan-favorite global exclusive! Attendees will not only receive one copy of the 5★ base Aurora Freyvia, but will also receive an Aurora Fryevia’s Prism to awaken her to 7★!

Aurora Fryevia boasts an array of light elemental abilities, and can use a double ability to unleash two of these attacks in a single turn. She will also share some abilities with Fryevia, allowing them to chain together. Furthermore, Aurora Fryevia will have access to an additional ability when in the same party as Fryevia!

Be the first to use Aurora Fryevia by attending FFBE Fan Festa 2018!* Additional details on Aurora Fryevia and FFBE Fan Festa can be found at the official FFBE Fan Festa 2018 website:

* Aurora Fryevia will be added to the rare summon pool and available to all players following a set period of time after the conclusion of Fan Festa 2018.