Thank you for participating in Fan Festa 2018!

The rewards from the Fan Festa 2018 games and the Fan Festa 2018 raid will be distributed as the rewards in the daily Fan Festa 2018 Login Bonus and from clearing the Vault of Hidden Treasures.

[Fan Festa: Vault of Hidden Treasures]

The Vault of Hidden Treasures will be unlocked for all adventurers!

Campaign Content
The Vault of Hidden Treasures will be accessible once a day via the Dimensional Vortex.

Campaign Period
Wednesday 12/12 00:00 - Wednesday 12/26 23:59 PST

Find megacite, enhancement pots, gil snapper families, and king metal minituars in the Vault of Hidden Treasures!

Don't miss this opportunity to get all you need to bolster your units and espers!

* Only the king metal minituar reward from clearing the mission will be max level (level 60). This does not apply to the other king metal minituar drops from the Vault of Hidden Treasures.

** Please look forward to part 2 of the Vault of Hidden Treasures, coming on 1/11/2019.