Google Account Login

A Global Exclusive Feature!

Available after maintenance on 1/31 PST.

In order to provide more ways for our players to log in to the game, we have introduced a new global feature that allows players to bind their FFBE account to their Google account.

  • Caution:
  • - Players have a single attempt to bind their FFBE accounts to their social media accounts. If players choose to unbind their FFBE accounts from their social media, they may not be able to bind their accounts again.
  • - Please write down or take a screenshot of both your Player ID and Inquiry ID before any binding attempts to help with account recovery if an issue arises.
  • - Google Account login is not supported on Amazon devices.
  • - An unbind function will be added in a future update.

Here is how you can log in to FFBE with your Google account!

For users with existing accounts bound to Facebook

You can change your binding settings on the Account Settings page.

For users who have not bound their accounts

You can select the account to bind to from the start screen. Simply select the social media account of your choice and you're all set!

For more info or assistance please refer to our FAQ.