Thank you for playing

We are grateful that the two bundles we recently released, the "Onion Sprout Bundle" and "Onion Harvest Bundle," have been well-received by most of our players. We have also received your feedback on how these bundles can be helpful to progress through the game. However, we would like to share that the two aforementioned bundles had actually been set incorrectly, which is why the number of max level King Metal Minituars available in them was higher than usual.

The "Onion Sprout Bundle" and "Onion Harvest Bundle" offers containing the incorrect number of max level King Metal Minituars were released accidentally, for which we sincerely apologize. However, please rest assured that we will not be changing the current contents of these bundles. The 30 max level King Metal Minituars will not be changed to their initially intended amount per bundle, nor will they be removed from the inventory of any player who has purchased them.

As the current contents were not the ones originally intended for these offers, please take note that new and upcoming bundles will materialize following our usual pricing and contents. That said, we are still planning to create other amazing deals for the community, so please look forward to them in the future.

We humbly apologize for any confusion this may cause. Thank you for your unwavering patience and understanding.