Spring 2019 Login Bonus

Log in every day during the event period to receive amazing rewards!

[Spring 2019 Summon Ticket]
One Spring 2019 Summon Ticket will be given daily during the event period!

For more details, please check the Spring 2019 Summon Ticket news.

[King Metal Minituar]
One King Metal Minituar (Max Level) will be sent to each player's mailbox daily during the event period!

[Spring 2019 Login Bonus: Round 1
Campaign Period]

Friday 4/12 01:00 - Thursday 4/18 00:59 PDT

[Spring 2019 Login Bonus: Round 2
Campaign Period]

Friday 4/19 01:00 - Thursday 4/25 00:59 PDT

* Players will have a 5% chance of getting a 5★ unit from the Spring 2019 Summon.