Thank you for playing

We regret to inform that, despite the announcements made during the latest livestream, and due to unforeseen circumstances related to platform review, version 3.5.5 of our game will not be released on 4/25 on any platform.

Furthermore, the maintenance originally scheduled for 4/25 will be carried out on 4/26 instead, while we plan to release version 3.5.5 by mid-May.

With the postponement of version 3.5.5's release, the following feature will not be made available on 4/26:

- Changes in 10+1 summon crystal animation

Additionally, the following features will not be made fully available on 4/26 either:

- 5★ unit pedestal color change
- Addition of Unit Type Icons

(* Please note that these updates will still be reflected on certain parts of the game. Please refer to the post-maintenance advisory for more details.)

However, the following feature will still be made fully available on 4/26:

- Parameter Quests

We thank you for your understanding and patience, and kindly ask for your continued support of our game.