Player's Voice Campaign 2019 (Part 1)

[ Player's Voice Campaign 2019 (Part 1) ]

Vote for your favorite event to become a reality using the Player's Voice Ticket 2019 (Part 1) on the summon screen! Summon using the tickets to receive various pots, king metal minituars, gil snapper families, rare summon tickets, or 4★ guaranteed summon tickets!

① [ Free Daily 3 Summon open for 20 days, yielding 3 units and 5★ rate increased to 5%, limited to once per day. ]

② [ Free Daily Trust Moogle/Super Trust Moogle Summon open for 20 days, yielding 11 trust moogles and/or super trust moogles, limited to once per day. ]

③ [ Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket Login Bonus that gives out a total of 100 Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets. ]

④ [ Player's Voice Unit Upgrade, allowing players to vote on a unit to be upgraded (a separate poll for unit selection will be conducted if campaign is chosen). ]

* A super trust moogle can be used to increase a 7★ unit's super trust mastery!
** 100 super trust moogle exchange tickets can be exchanged for one 5★ super trust moogle (All 100%).
*** Players can obtain a super trust master reward by fusing one super trust moogle (All 100%) to a 7★ unit.
**** More details about super trust moogles will be announced in the near future.

Campaign Period:
Monday 7/1 1:00 - Friday 7/12 00:59 PDT

Check out the special site here!