Latent Abilities

New Feature!

Available after maintenance on 7/25 PDT.

Certain units can use new latent abilities after enlightenment points are used to unlock them!

[Enlightenment Points]

Enlightenment points can be used to unlock certain units' latent abilities!

Enlightenment points are awarded by clearing the various missions in the Chamber of Enlightenment.

[Chamber of Enlightenment]

Within the Chamber of Enlightenment await four different missions, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
Clearing these missions will award players enlightenment points, with diamond giving the most points.

[Enlightenment Keys]

Four different keys, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, are required to unlock their respective missions in the Chamber of Enlightenment.

These keys will be awarded from different events and also as rewards in Series Boss Battles! Refer to the Series Boss Battle news for more details.

There will be an additional mission, Free Daily, that is opened in the Chamber of Enlightenment once per day, which also awards enlightenment points when cleared!