Version 3.7.1

Thank you for playing

The following changes have been made in app version 3.7.1:

- Latent Abilities: Unlock abilities for various units by collecting Enlightenment Points
* There was an additional disclaimer released in a news update on 7/24 02:30 PDT for a short duration regarding latent abilities for Lotus Mage Fina and Nameless Gunner Jake. Please rest assured that the abilities will appear in-game after maintenance and we apologize for any confusion.
- Ability Chain Information: Chain Families information added to battle and unit view
- New Tab "Special" in Vortex: Short Stories and the Room of Recollection can be found here
- Upper cap of ATK boost for "True Dual Wield" (boost to equipment ATK when armed with two one-handed weapons) has been increased from 100% to 200%
- Unit Sorting - Party Priority can now be turned off

[Bug fixes]
- Fixed issue where tapping on the Home button on the floor selection page in Equipment Enhancement Event Steel Castle Melfikya would result in players getting stuck on a blank screen.
- Fixed application crash where pressing the 'Back' or 'Close' button after pressing the 'Details' button to view quest details would result in the application crashing.
- Fixed issue where a checked Download Prompt checkbox would remain unchecked when players restarted the application.

[Known issues]
- Ability description text of Masamune (FFVII) with chain family details remains on-screen when closing the detail window.