Thank you for playing

We have found the following issues with the release of version 3.7.1:

1. The animations of Morgana's attacks in the story battle event Fundamental Forces were missing.

2. The Raid Summon for Fundamental Forces was missing the summon animation. Should players still encounter an error message, please click on OK to proceed to receive the rewards.

3. Mog Minister was incorrectly named King Mog.

4. Series Boss Battle: Chaotic Darkness did not have any unit bonuses in place.

5. There was an unintended gil requirement for unlocking latent abilities. Players who have unlocked latent abilities will have their spent gil refunded at a later date.

6. The banner for the Room of Recollection is not displaying under the new Special tab. This is scheduled to be fixed in the next version update. Players who have cleared season 1 of the main story will still be able to see the Short Stories banner under the Special tab.

The first 5 issues have been fixed as of 7/26 00:30 PDT and we foresee no further problems with them.

We are also currently investigating the following issue and will provide an update soon:

1. Some companion units do not appear in the player's team when selected for battle.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.