Anniversary Follow-Up

Anniversary Follow-Up

We are excited to announce that amazing rewards can be obtained based on player rank and number of days logged in, as stated previously in the producer's letter!

Introducing the Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket!

[What are Anniversary Follow-Up Tickets?]

The anniversary follow-up ticket is used in the Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon, which allows players to receive items such as prism moogles, super trust moogle exchange tickets, 5★ guaranteed EX tickets, and much more! Item pool details will be available in the Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon news.

[How to Get Anniversary Follow-Up Tickets]

Anniversary follow-up tickets are given out through the Anniversary Follow-Up & Player's Voice Part 1 Login Bonus as daily rewards. Please refer to the Anniversary Follow-Up & Player's Voice Part 1 Login Bonus news for more details. On top of that, additional anniversary follow-up tickets will be sent to each player's mailbox on two separate dates, based on player rank and total login days.

The number of anniversary follow-up tickets given is calculated based on the following formula: [Player Rank x 5] + [Total Login Days]. For example, a player with rank 100 and 500 total login days will get a total of 1000 tickets!

[Distribution Period]
Total Login Days - Thursday, 8/15 - 9/6 PDT
Player Rank - Thursday, 8/29 - 9/6 PDT

* Even if players are not able to log in on the first day of the 2 distribution periods, tickets can still be collected if players log in before the distribution period ends. Example: Players who do not log in from 8/15 - 8/29 and log in on 8/30 will still receive both total login days and player rank rewards.
** New accounts created after 8/15 will not be eligible for this tickets giveaway.
*** Each player's total login days and current rank will be verified on the distribution dates and tickets will be distributed accordingly.