FFBE Unit and Monster Design Contest

FFBE Unit and Monster Design Contest

Have an idea for the best FFBE unit or boss monster? Get your pen and paper and start rendering your own!

Event Period:
- Submission Period: 7/10, 01:00 PDT - 9/2, 00:59 PDT
- Voting Period: 9/15, 01:00 PDT - 10/31, 00:59 PDT (These dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances)

a. Create an original character design together with the character’s name, category, and your inspiration for the design. The design can be rendered either digitally (using sketching, painting, and/or drawing software) or traditionally (using pen or colored pencils and paper). We advise that your unit interpretation is not too eccentric or highly obscene.

b. A player can submit 1 entry per category: [1] Physical Attacker, [2] Magic Attacker, [3] Healer, [4] Buffer, [5] Debuffer, [6] Tank, and [7] Boss Monster.

For digital entries, kindly follow the format below:
- Transparent background
- Size of canvass - 1920 x 1080 px
- Please post your entries in JPG or PNG format.
- File size: Not greater than 5MB.

For traditional entries, kindly follow the format below:
- Take a screenshot or scan your entries and please post in JPG or PNG format.
- File size: Not greater than 5MB.

c. Artwork must be uploaded to any of the following sites. Please make sure to set the post to 'public'.
· DeviantArt
· Facebook
· Twitter
· Instagram
· Tumblr

d. Submit the link of your entry on this link - https://bit.ly/ffbe-unit-and-monster-design-contest and provide the requested information in the registration form [Player ID, Player name, Unit/Monster Details, and E-mail Address].
Submission period: 7/10, 01:00 PDT - 9/2, 00:59 PDT

e. The FFBE Team will post the shortlisted entries on the official Facebook page on or before 9/15 01:00 PDT** for voting :
1. Physical Attacker - 5 shortlisted entries
2. Magic Attacker - 5 shortlisted entries
3. Healer - 5 shortlisted entries
4. Buffer - 5 shortlisted entries
5. Debuffer - 5 shortlisted entries
6. Tank - 5 shortlisted entries
7. Boss Monster - 10 shortlisted entries

** The announcement date may change depending on the circumstances.

f. Players can vote for their favorite unit/monster design starting 9/15, 01:00 PDT until 10/31, 00:59 PDT. Please note that the voting period may vary due to some unforeseen circumstances. The team will post an advisory regarding the final voting period.

g. The entry with the highest vote will be announced on the official FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Channel(s).


Reward for Shortlisted Entries
- 3000x lapis
- 5x rare summon ticket
- 20x trust moogle (all) 5%
- 10x king metal minituar
- 6x gil snapper tower

Reward for the top 1 entry per category
- Unit Categories: 4x copies of winner’s entry
- Boss Monster Category: 1x boss emblem based on the winner’s entry, 15000x lapis
Disclaimer: The rewards will be given based on the winners’ own entry and any requests to replace it with other winning entries will not be granted.

1. Please make sure to double check your entry before submission. In the event that you have submitted the wrong information, you may re-submit your entry.
2. Kindly provide a working e-mail. When chosen to be featured, we will contact the artist for some information regarding their artwork.
3. Requests or appeals related to the unit and monster's stats, abilities, limit bursts, trust master and super trust master rewards, or any further information involving the unit or monster, will not be granted.
4. When featuring the artist's artwork on the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Updates or on our official social media sites, we will use the artist's pseudonym [if available on the platform where the artwork is uploaded] or the submitted player name. Artist may also request to use their real name when crediting the artwork.
5. By submitting the fan art submission form, you confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions found on this link - https://bit.ly/ffbe-unit-monster-design2019-terms
6. For inquiries regarding the unit design contest, you can contact us via our Support page at https://finalfantasyexvius.com/support/