Global original units have been upgraded!

Global original units have been upgraded!

Available from August 23rd

♦ Upgrade ♦

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★
Super Trust Master Reward
Dragoon's Wisdom

Boost ATK by 70%, DEF, HP, and MP by 20%, and damage dealt by jump abilities

Trust Master Reward
Crimson Blood


Enable winged fury:
Boost physical and magic damage against dragons and boost damage dealt by jump abilities

[Featured Abilities]

Global Upgrade! Death Crimson

Leap into the air, then attack and deal damage to one enemy next turn

Number of hits and chain frames have been adjusted!

New Ability! Rain of Spears (7★)

Deal partial unmitigated damage to all enemies, with boosted damage if used after spiral thrust

Global Upgrade! Emissary of Death (7★)

Boost equipment ATK and damage limit for various chains when equipped with two one-handed weapons

* Reberta will be receiving another improvement scheduled for a later date.

♦ Upgrade ♦

Aloha Lasswell
★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★
Super Trust Master Reward
Beach Umbrella

ATK +170 DEF +40

Enable evade:
Chance of evading some physical attacks

Trust Master Reward
Colorful Lei

ATK +45

Enable aloha spirit and big kahuna:

Aloha Spirit: Boost equipment ATK when armed with two one-handed weapons and chance of evading some physical attacks

Big Kahuna: Boost equipment ATK when armed with two one-handed weapons (Lasswell, Swordsman Lasswell, Dracu Lasswell, Aloha Lasswell, Pyro Glacial Lasswell only)

[Featured Abilities]

Global Upgrade! Umbrella Mastery

Can equip two of any one-handed weapon, and boost equipment DEF and damage limit for various chains when armed with two one-handed weapons

New Ability! Summer - Radiant Sun

Damage one enemy and temporarily increase chance of being targeted for self

New Ability! Heat Stroke

Chance of countering when receiving a physical attack

♦ Upgrade ♦

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★
Super Trust Master Reward
Winter Child

Boost MAG and ice resistance by 50%, and boost equipment MAG when armed with two one-handed weapons

Trust Master Reward

MAG+50 SPR+30

Enable snowbear guard:
Chance of restoring HP and filling LB gauge for caster when receiving a physical or magic attack

[Featured Abilities]

Global Upgrade! Absolute Zero

Deal ice magic damage to one enemy

Damage increased!

New Ability! Frostbite (7★)

(One use every 8 turns) Reduce DEF, SPR, and ice resistance, and chance of inflicting certain status ailments on all enemies from next turn, and enable piercing chill for three turns

New Ability! The Last Keeper of Time (7★)

Boost equipment MAG when only weapons are equipped in one or both hands, boost MAG by 20%, and nullify stop

♦ Upgrade ♦

Grim Lord Sakura
★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★
Super Trust Master Reward
Grim Brilliance

Boost HP and MP by 20%, and boost equipment MAG and equipment SPR when a single weapon is equipped in both hands

Trust Master Reward

HP +666 MP +66
ATK +33 MAG +130
SPR +36
MAG +30%
Two-handed weapon
Fire and Dark Elemental

Enable death awaits (Grim Lord Sakura only):
Fill LB gauge every turn

[Featured Abilities]

New Ability! Grim - Specter Flames (7★)

Deal fire magic damage to all enemies and power up with consecutive use

New Ability! Grim - Impending Horror (7★)

(One use every 5 turns) Boost own MAG and reduce fire and dark resistance for all enemies

New Ability! Grim Candy Master

Enable specific abilities to be used twice in one turn (Activate one time each regardless of equipment conditions)

New learned ability

♦ Upgrade ♦

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★
Super Trust Master Reward
Kryla's Veil

DEF +35 SPR +84

Boost resistance to all elements by 20%

Trust Master Reward
Magic Sanctuary

Boost SPR by 15% and all elemental resistances by 25%, and LB gauge fills every turn during battle

[Featured Abilities]

New Ability! Soul Dispersion

KO an ally to restore HP and MP for all allies

New Ability! Spell Breaker

Nullify the next magic cast by an enemy or ally for one turn for caster

New Ability! Hindering Chant (7★)

(One use every 10 turns) Remove all positive status effects from all enemies