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[Update Summary]
[Available from 8/29]
- New Events/Summons:
- Half energy campaign: Chamber of the Fallen, Chamber of the Indignant, Chamber of Arms
- Epic 5★ Guaranteed 10+1 Ticket (Sworn Six) Summon
- Ability Awakening Batch 31 : Raegen, Citra, Sieghard, Folka, Ignacio, Cid.
- Latent abilities added for Warrior of Light Bartz and Warrior of Light Lenna.
- Series Boss Battle: Neo Exdeath
- Story Arc: 2-9-2
- Esper: Kokuryu 1~2★
- Bundles:
- Bountiful Cryst Box
- Anniversary Sworn Six Bundle
[Available from 8/30]
- New Events/Summons:
- Added Kaito and Tsukiko to the 5★ Select Summon Ticket pool
- [Exchange Shop] FFV: Warrior of Light Bartz
- 40M Downloads Login Bonus: Round 1
- 40M DL Step-Up Summon
- 40M DL 5★ Guaranteed Step-Up Summon
- 40M DL Celebration Quests Pt. 1
- Story Quests Special (1/2 Energy Campaign for Story mode)
- OCTOPATH TRAVELER Trial: Cave of Rhiyo
- FINAL FANTASY V: Castle Exdeath
- Unit Intro Quest: Warrior of Light Bartz
- FINAL FANTASY V Featured Summon
- FINAL FANTASY V Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- FINAL FANTASY V Step-Up Summon
- 5★ Guaranteed (20% Featured) Ticket [WOL.Bartz/WOL.Lenna] Summon
- Bundles:
- Illusory Castle Bundle
- Cursed Castle Bundle
- Sinister Castle Bundle
- 40 Million Download Celebration Bundle
- 40 Million Download Super Trust Moogle Bundle
[Available from 9/2]
- New Events/Summons:
- Player's Voice Campaign Part 2: 7% Rainbow Free Weekly 10+1 Summon
- 40M DL Four Rainbows Guaranteed Summon
- Bug fixes:
- March of the Demons event reward Water Dragon katana has been fixed to single handed weapon.
- Changed unit parameter bonus graphic to only display when taking applicable units to battles that include parameter bonuses for them.
- EP max limit updated to 99999.
- Known issue:
- There is a display issue with the half energy campaign period for the story chapters. Rest assured that the half energy campaign for the main story will run for the full period from Friday, 8/30 01:00 - Monday, 10/7 00:59 PDT.

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