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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were required to extend our scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance extended by 3 hours until:
Thursday 9/26 06:00 PDT

[Update Summary]
[available from 9/26]
- New Events/Summons:
- Story Arc: 2-10
- Esper: Anima 3★
[available from 9/27]
- Added Sol to the 5★ Select Summon Ticket pool
- New Events/Summons:
- KINGDOM HEARTS Trial: Heartless: Behemoth
- Exchange Shop (E/V/S)
- DRAGON QUEST XI S: Vs. Malicious Monsters
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Character Battle
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Featured Summon
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Step-Up Summon
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Limited Time Silver Exchange: Eleven/Veronica/Serena
- DRAGON QUEST XI S Limited Time Gold Exchange: Eleven, Veronica, and Serena
- Bundles:
- Shining Spark Bundle
- Lustrous Lantern Bundle
- Luminous Light Bundle
[available from 9/30]
- New Events/Summons:
- 40M DL Four Rainbows Guaranteed Summon
- Bundle:
- 40M DL Super Trust Moogle Bundle
- Bug fixes:
- Adjusted certain abilities for Lovely Katy to chain properly with "Chaos Wave."

- Lapis x200
- NRG Restore (10) x 10

We look forward to your continued support of