40M DL Mountain of Treasure 1 and 2!

40M DL Mountain of Treasure 1 and 2!

Two special bundles will be available for a limited time!

[Sales Period]
Monday, 10/21 01:00 - Monday, 10/28 00:59 PDT

For a limited time only! With the purchase of each bundle, get a 5★ guaranteed EX ticket instantly and get different rewards such as trust moogles, lapis, and summon tickets when you log in for the next 20 days.

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this deal! Head to the bundle shop and tap on the 40M DL Mountain of Treasure 1 and 2 bundles to purchase them. We also have a useful calendar to help you keep track of the items you'll receive.

* Remember to log in daily to get the full value of these fantastic bundles. Players who miss specific days will not get the daily rewards from said days, and this will be indicated with a gray overlay on the specific day(s) of the login banner.