Updates to Select Summon and Rainbow Summon Rates

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Starting from Thursday, 11/7, there will be some changes related to in-game summons. Please refer to the following for more details:

[Select Summon]

New 5★ units will not be added into the Select Summon pool, and instead their prisms (7★ awakening material) will be added to the Select Summon pool on the same day that the 5★ units are introduced.

Also, these unit prisms can be exchanged for fewer tickets! Current 5★ units within the 5★ Select Summon pool will remain exchangeable as playable units, and their unit prisms will also be available for exchange!

[Rainbow Summon Rates]

The chance of getting a rainbow crystal will be higher from now on. The 5★ summon rate will increase from 3% to 5%! Furthermore, the drop rates of featured units will increase from 1% to 1.5%!

[Smaller Pool]

Summon pools will be permanently refined!

Selected older units will be removed from the 5★, 4★, and 3★ pools of the following banners:

1/2 Price
Featured Summon
Step-up Summon
In-app purchase Summon
Summons obtained via Step-up (Example: 5★ Guaranteed (20%/30% Featured) Ticket Summon)

The summon pool reduction will not be applied to summons not listed above, such as the EX Summon and Rare Summon.

We also have other exciting campaigns to commemorate the updates to the summon pool such as the 5★ Select Ticket Lapis Summon, 5★ Rate Up Commemorative 10+1 Summon, and 5★ Rate Up Commemorative Login Bonus. Please refer to their individual news for more details (to be released at a later date)!

Ongoing changes are being made to the global version of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. We are always listening to players in order to improve the gameplay experience for everyone. Please understand that some changes will take a while to implement and we hope that you will continue to be patient and supportive of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.