Box Summon

Box Summon

Starting from 11/21, Box Summons will be available!

A box contains a set amount of items and/or units inside.

Players can use an item (such as a key or event currency) to open the box and randomly obtain one of the items or units contained inside.

Boxes contain limited numbers of items. Upon obtaining the last copy of the same item, it cannot be obtained again in the same box.

Each time the same box is opened, players have a higher chance of obtaining the items or units that remain in the box!

* Players can choose to advance to the next tier only after they have summoned all featured contents.
**Advancing after the last tier will remove the limit restrictions on the contents of the box(es) and players will be able to summon multiple copies of the contents (excluding featured and certain other items).


[Summon Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 11/21 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 12/11 PST

[How to get DQXI S Special Unit Summoning Keys #2 (Silver)]

DQXI S Special Unit Summoning Keys #2 (Silver) can be acquired from the Vs. Mordegon raid event or by summoning from the DRAGON QUEST XI S Step-Up Summon banner.

Use DQXI S Special Unit Summoning Keys #2 (Silver) to acquire units in the DRAGON QUEST XI S Box Summon!

Two boxes are available to open!

[Box 1 Contents]
Eleven x4
Serena x4
Veronica x4
Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) x3
Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x3

[Box 2 Contents]
Erik x4
Jade x4
Rab x4
Sylvando x4
Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) x4
Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x5