7★ Guaranteed (Re)summon

Players can perform one 9+1+1 summon per banner during the summoning period with 1 unit being a guaranteed 7★ unit!

Players will also receive a super trust moogle (100%) for the 7★ unit that was summoned! 5★ units summoned will be from a limited pool!

Players are able to perform up to 9 re-summons to get their desired outcome! The summoned units will not be obtained until players finalize their summon result or perform all re-summons.

7★ Guaranteed (Re)summon - Support
[Summon Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 11/28 - Saturday, 11/30 23:59 PST

7★ Guaranteed (Re)summon - Attacker
[Summon Period]
Sunday, 12/1 00:00 - Tuesday, 12/3 23:59 PST

7★ Guaranteed (Re)summon - Mage
[Summon Period]
Wednesday, 12/4 00:00 PST - Friday, 12/6 23:59 PST

* Only certain units added to the game prior to November 21, 2019 will be included in the summon pool.
** Limited time and collaboration units are not included in the summon pool.
*** These summon banners are purchased directly in-app.