Steyliff Grove

New Ally

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★



Super Trust Master Reward

Mark of the Glacian
(Not stackable)

Boost MAG by 50% and boost evocation damage

Trust Master Reward

Gentiana's Outfit
DEF +22 MAG +46 SPR +32
Boost ice resistance by 20%

Featured Abilities

Snow-Covered (7★)
(One use every 5 turns) Reduce ice resistance for all enemies, boost own MAG, and enable quadruple frozen for three turns

Feast of the Divine (7★)
(One use every 4 turns) Boost fire, ice, and lightning resistance, and resistance to reductions to ATK and MAG for all allies

Glacial Kiss (7★)
(One use every 4 turns) Deal ice damage to all enemies and fill evocation gauge