Introducing the 5★ Guaranteed Flexible Ticket [Levinson/Lucas]

[5★ Guaranteed Flexible Ticket [Levinson/Lucas] Summon]

Players can use three 5★ Guaranteed Flexible Tickets [Levinson/Lucas] to perform one summon with a 20% chance of getting a featured unit.

Players can use five 5★ Guaranteed Flexible Tickets [Levinson/Lucas] to randomly summon one of the featured units.

You can also use 10 tickets to get a featured unit of your choice!
*See Exchange Shop news for more details

Summon Levinson and Lucas into your party!

[Summon Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 12/19 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 1/8 PST

[How to Get 5★ Guaranteed Flexible Tickets [Levinson/Lucas]]

5★ Guaranteed Flexible Tickets [Levinson/Lucas] can be acquired through the FFBE Step-Up Summon and also through the FFBE 10+1 featured summon.

[Find the summon here!]

Head over to the Summon screen, select the Limited Time tab, and tap on the 5★ Guaranteed Flexible Ticket [Levinson/Lucas] Summon banner.

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only certain units added to the game prior to December 19, 2019 and currently featured FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS units will be included in the summon pool.