Defiance of Fate

The High-Difficulty Challenge for Defiance of Fate: The Lightning Tyrant will be made available at a later date due to some technical issues.

We apologize for the delay and we will update you once the release date is confirmed.

The compensation for players is under discussion and will be announced at later date.


Introducing Defiance of Fate, starting from 12/26!

Defiance of Fate is a highly difficult event that will challenge players to the best of their abilities!

Upon release, there will be two different kinds of challenges to attempt.

The first challenge is a three-wave mission in which every wave has a different elemental focus. Players will be able to bring either a companion or their own 6th unit into the mission.

Players can select their own unit as the 6th unit by clicking the "Select your own unit" button at the bottom of the list in the select unit view.

The second challenge is a set of two missions, with a fixed party for each mission.

As the units and equipment in each mission are fixed, players cannot bring their own party and must figure out a strategy using the given party when attempting the mission.

The enemies in the two fixed-party missions are the same enemies faced in the first and second waves of the free-party mission. Be prepared for anything in the third wave!

Separate community challenges will be available for both the first and second challenge.

Whenever a player successfully completes a mission for the first time, it will increase the community challenge counter by one!

Earn attractive rewards for the whole FFBE community by contributing to the milestones!

* Rewards for the free-party community challenge will be tabulated and distributed following the end of the event.
** Rewards for the fixed-party community challenges will be scheduled for distribution once the required milestones have been reached.

Deep within the vortex lies a gargantuan being born from the souls of the countless lives lost during a great war that once raged in a distant world. Floating adrift through time and space since his inception, he devoured the souls of those who unknowingly wandered into the vortex, growing larger with every meal.

Initially he only craved souls corrupted by the horrors of war, but the more he feasted on the myriad of feelings attached to those souls, the more he lost sight of his own purpose. Thus began his plunge into madness.

Rumors of his existence began to spread beyond the vortex, and many a hero would soon seek to challenge him for glory, even if they did not know his name. When they attacked he responded in kind, and he soon learned that these mortals hailed from worlds outside his own plane of existence—worlds teeming with conflict.

Seeking to satiate his unfathomable hunger, he now seeks for a pathway into these worlds, craving the endless number of souls that populate them...

[Event Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 12/26 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/04 PST

Tel-Fulsanis - The Lightning Tyrant
appears in the
Dimensional Vortex!

● This will be quite a challenge! Tel-Fulsanis is very tough, so you'll need to bring units who can weaken an enemy's elemental resistances and parameters to get through his defenses.

● Some phases of Tel-Fulsanis will also react to the elemental damage you deal against him, so be careful with the elements you use, and make sure to heal yourself whenever necessary.

● Tel-Fulsanis will deal powerful fire, lightning, and dark attacks, so it's best that you strengthen your resistance against these elements. Also, remember to not let your guard down, as he will still deal a lot of damage to your party if you wait too long to strike.

High-Difficulty Challenge

Clear missions to obtain emblems and clear the challenges to be honored in the Hall of Fame!

Fixed-Party Trials

Fixed-Party Trial - Essence of Despair
First Clear Reward
> King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x3

Mission Completion Rewards
Defeat Essence of Despair
> 5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket x1
Clear without an ally being KO'd
> Lapis x500
Get a chain of 65 or more in 1 turn
> 10+1 Summon Ticket x1
No limit bursts
> 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) x1

Fixed-Party Trial - Maw of Malice
First Clear Reward
> King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x3

Mission Completion Rewards
Defeat Maw of Malice
> 5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket x1
Use 5 or more limit bursts
> Lapis x500
No white magic
> 10+1 Summon Ticket x1
Deal ice, lightning,
and water damage to an enemy

> 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) x1

* The "Tyrant's Ring" obtainable as a fixed-party community challenge reward can be upgraded at a future date, so it is highly recommended not to sell this item.
** Players who are found to have used fraudulent means to clear the challenge will be dealt with accordingly, including but not limited to expulsion from the Hall of Fame.

Get the help of memorable characters from FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS to defeat Tel-Fulsanis!

Accessing the dungeon

Seize the chance to challenge
this powerful entity during
this limited time event.