Players who have awakened the unintentionally unlocked abilities for these units (Kurasame, Yego, Magna, Franis, Lenneth, Freya (VP), Arngrim, Lucian and Jelanda) will have the awakened abilities reverted and the spent materials and gil returned to their mailbox during this week's maintenance.

Thank you for playing

We are aware of the following issues occurring in game:

1. The Lucky Year of the Rat Ticket Summon drops the Premium 10+1 Summon Ticket [Holly Jolly] instead of the correct Premium 10+1 Summon Ticket [Lunar New Year 2020].
- This has been resolved and we foresee no further problems.
- Players who obtained a Premium 10+1 Summon Ticket(s) [Holly Jolly] will be compensated with the correct ticket(s) by the next maintenance.

2. A number of premium NRG restorative items such as green clovers and NRG light spheres did not appear as options for energy restoration.
- The issue has been resolved and players are able to use these items in game now.

3. The following units had their awakened abilities unintentionally unlocked in-game:
Kurasame, Yego, Magna, Franis, Lenneth, Freya (VP), Arngrim, Lucian, and Jelanda.

The affected abilities include:
Flames of Life

Toxic Whip
Ground Whip
Brutal Whip
Bad Breath
Malboro Rider
HP +20%

Sacred Flux
Luminous Fall
Great Mage's Feats!
Magna Counter

Searing Slash
Carmine Bisect
Blazing Sword Wielder

Code Break
Glowing Pierce
Radiant White Wings
Infinity Blast
Ethereal Shot
Valkyrie's Bow
Chooser of the Slain

Goddess of Purity
Prepare to be cleansed!
Victory Sword
Heavenly Punishment
Aerial Burst
Thunder Sword
Mystic Zone

Dragon Slayer
Blaze Blade
Dead End
Storm Edge
High Wind
Demon Possessed

Scarlet Edge
Slanting Blow
Shining Bolt
Fast Thunderclap

Fire Lance
Fire Storm
Such impudence! You face certain death.

- The unintentional ability awakenings have been removed.
- Players who have already awakened the units will have this issue addressed by the next maintenance

4. Incorrect supercites were rewarded upon defeating Shiva and Golem in world revisit quests.
- The reward has been changed to the corresponding supercites.
- All affected players who have received the incorrect supercites between Thursday, 1/30 5:00 PST and Friday, 1/31 1:30 PST will receive the correct supercites in their mailbox by the next maintenance.

5. 5★ Guaranteed (Re)summon - Mage has the incorrect summon title for all languages other than English. Please rest assured that the summon pool is not affected.
- The correct summon title has been implemented.

6. Certain multi-use abilities such as Lucius' "Dark Frenzy" and White Knight Noel's "Mystic Arts" can still be used even though multi-use abilities are forbidden in this week's Arena.
- This has been resolved and we foresee no further problems.

We are also aware that some players might have seen the incorrect banner for the 3rd Season Commemorative Summon after maintenance yesterday. This has already been resolved. Please rest assured that the summon pool is not affected.

7. Players who have completed level 3 of Madam's Manor and have collected the necessary materials may have been able to access levels 4 and 5 in the game. This is currently unreleased content.
- Levels 4 and 5 of Madam's Manor have been removed.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for your understanding.