Defiance of Fate: The Lightning Tyrant - Tyrant Unleashed

Defiance of Fate - The Lightning Tyrant

A new highly difficult challenge for Defiance of Fate, The Lightning Tyrant - Tyrant Unleashed, will be added!

We had originally intended for the 3 wave free party battle to be of an extremely high difficulty, something that would prove a grueling challenge to even the most hardened users. However, due to unforeseen issues with implementation, the difficulty of the first challenge we released was scaled back. Now with this new version, you can give this battle yet another try but at the intended maximum difficulty level designed by the developers!

So assemble the best party to challenge the Lightning Tyrant, Tel-Fulsanis at full power!

[Event Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 2/6 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/4 PST


● This will be quite a challenge! Tel-Fulsanis is very tough, so you'll need to bring units who can weaken an enemy's elemental resistances and parameters to get through his defenses.

● Some phases of Tel-Fulsanis will also react to the elemental damage you deal against him, so be careful with the elements you use, and make sure to recover or cure yourself whenever necessary.

● Tel-Fulsanis will deal powerful fire, lightning, and dark attacks, so it's best that you strengthen your resistance against these elements. Also, remember not to let your guard down, as he will still deal a lot of damage to your party if you wait too long to strike.

Mission Completion Rewards

Defeat Tel-Fulsanis
- White Mark of Tel-Fulsanis x1
No items
- Black Mark of Tel-Fulsanis x1
Use no more than 10 limit bursts
- Black Mark of Malice x1
Evoke Carbuncle
- Black Mark of Despair x1

Get the help of memorable characters from FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS to defeat Tel-Fulsanis!

Accessing the dungeon

Seize the chance to challenge
this powerful entity during
this limited time event.