Unit Popularity Contest Results

Thank you for participating in the Unit Popularity Contest!

Here are the results, as chosen by the players!

Global Unit Popularity Ranking

First: Elena (146,946 votes)

Second: Esther (123,454 votes)

Third: Ling (61,326 votes)

4th: Fryevia
5th: Chow
6th: Sylvie
7th: Lilith
8th: Karten
9th: Reberta
10th: Kryla
11th: Christine
12th: Morgana
13th: Tsukiko
14th: Yan
15th: White Knight Noel
16th: Kaito
17th: Olive
18th: Xon
19th: Bai Hu & Zhu Que
20th: Zyrus
21st: Lucius
22nd: Felix
23rd: Rivera
24th: Aiden
25th: Godrea
26th: Ang
27th: Yun
28th: Tiana
29th: Qin

Congratulations to the most popular unit, Elena!

The chosen unit will be revamped in the future as a new unit! Details will be revealed at a later date.

Please stay tuned for more information in the near future!