Latent Ability Update!

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★

God-Killer+ II

(One use every 4 turns) Damage and reduce ATK, DEF, MAG, and SPR for one enemy, and enable bushido triple arts for two turns for caster

Believer of Infinite Possibilities II

Boost ATK by 50%, DEF, SPR, HP, and MP by 30%, fill LB gauge by 600 every turn, boost LB damage by 100%, and boost damage of certain abilities

(Boost amount - Gnawing flame, hellstorm,
and take the initiative: 3400%,
Shooting star and god-killer: 1500%)

★★★★★ - ★★★★★★★

Magic Vortex II

(One use every 7 turns) Reduce water resistance by 120% for all enemies, boost damage of certain abilities, and enable triple black magic for six turns for caster

(Boost amount - Raging water and flood: 3000%)

Experienced Guardian II

Boost MAG by 60%, DEF, SPR, and HP by 50%, and MP by 20%, boost LB damage by 150% and damage of certain abilities, and boost equipment MAG by 100% when only weapons are equipped in one or both hands

(Boost amount - Flare fury: 3000%)