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[Update Summary]
[available from 3/12]
- Added Star Player Tidus's Prism and Yunalesca's Prism to the 5★ Select Summon Prism pool
- Free Unit: Kimahri available from FFX Zanarkand Dome event
- New Events/Summons:
- FINAL FANTASY X Daily Ticket Giveaway
- FFX Login Bonus
- Star Player Tidus Unit Intro Quest
- FINAL FANTASY XI: Distorter of Time Atomos
- FINAL FANTASY X: Zanarkand Dome
- FINAL FANTASY X Featured Summon
- FINAL FANTASY X Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- FINAL FANTASY X Step-Up Summons
- 5★ Guaranteed (20% Featured) Ticket [S.P.Tidus/Yunalesca] Summon
- FFX Revival Summon
- Exchange Shop (S.P.Tidus/Yunalesca)
- Exchange Shop (T/Y/L/A/J)
- FINAL FANTASY X Featured Unit Exchange
- Series Boss Battle: Braska's Final Aeon
- Latent Ability 12: Lulu, Auron
- Bundles:
- Final Chamber Bundle
- Final Summon Bundle
- Final Hope Bundle
- Final Pilgrimage Bundle
[available from 3/14]
- New Events/Summons:
- Free Daily Summon
[available from 3/16]
- New Events/Summons:
- Spring Break Ticket Summon
- Bundles:
- Spring Break Ticket Bundle
- Known issue:
- We are aware of the error where the game crashes during certain cutscenes. We are currently investigating the issue, and would appreciate if players could send in tickets of such occurences, providing details of the map and cutscene name, so as to better aid us in rectifying the problem.

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