Introducing Omniprisms! [Updated!]

Due to popular demand we will be resetting the purchase limit for this bundle after maintenance, Thursday, 3/26, and players can purchase the bundle until the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 4/1 PDT.

Omniprisms will be available in game.

Players can get an omniprism from the Omniprism Bundle!

[Sales Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 3/19 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/25 PDT

[How it works]

- Omniprisms can be used with any unit to awaken them to 7★!
- When the player has both an omniprism and a specific unit's prism, that unit's prism will be used.
- If the player has an omniprism but not the unit's prism, the omniprism will be used to awaken the unit.
- A popup will appear to alert the player when an omniprism prism is going to be used. The player will then need to confirm the selection.

Omniprisms will be made available in game via various methods in the near future. Further details will be announced at a later date.