[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the
available from Thursday, 4/30!

[How to get a 5★ Exchange Ticket]

A 5★ Exchange Ticket (VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH-) can be acquired by summoning from the 5-step VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH- Step-Up Summon banner.

Trade a 5★ Exchange Ticket (VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH-) for a unit of your choice in the Ticket Exchange (VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH-)!

You can exchange for
5★ Lezard Valeth
5★ Mystina
5★ Lenneth
5★ Freya (VP)
5★ Arngrim

* The 5★ Exchange Ticket (VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH-) obtainable from the 5-step VALKYRIE PROFILE -LENNETH- Step-Up Summon banner will no longer be usable past the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 5/20 PDT.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

Head over to the Shop screen, tap the Exchange Shop button and select the items to exchange for.

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only the 5★ units pictured on the banner will be available for exchange.