VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH is on sale in commemoration of the collaboration with FFBE!

Originally released in 1999 for the PlayStation® entertainment system, VALKYRIE PROFILE received critical praise for bringing together classic RPG elements and a unique combo-driven battle style. A captivating story deeply rooted in Norse mythology brings a unique experience to each player, with varying endings based on each decision made. The game also features a timeless soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba (STAR OCEAN® Series).

Designed for playing on the go, the mobile edition brings with it a number of new features, including autosave capabilities, an auto-battle option and an enhanced user interface optimized for touch screen gameplay.

VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH is available on sale from today through May 13 on the Apple App Store® and Google Play™ for $8.99. More information on the title’s story, gameplay, and supported devices are available on the official website:

*In-game text is available in English only.