Dark Visions III Ticket Summon

Players can use a Dark Visions III Ticket to summon a guaranteed 3★+ unit!

In addition, players will receive trust moogles with each summon! Dark Visions III Tickets can be obtained from the Dark Visions III Ticket Daily Giveaway and the Dark Visions III Bundle.

This banner has an increased 5★ rate, so don't miss out on this chance to get your favorite units!

Bonus pool:
4★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%)
3★ Trust Moogle (Unit Specific 5%)

[Summon Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 6/25 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 7/8 PDT

* Only certain units added to the game up to and including June 4, 2020 will be included in the summon pool.
** Limited time and collaboration units are not included in the summon pool.