Thank you for playing

There was an issue regarding Rico Rodriguez's Army of Chaos magnus ability and dual wielding. The issue made the ability behave differently from other abilities in the BS chain family, making it difficult for Army of Chaos to chain with them. Army of Chaos was originally intended to chain efficiently with other BS abilities with or without a dual wield unit build, and thus we have updated it to chain properly.

Please note that after the update, this ability will "activate one time regardless of equipment conditions," but we are also doubling the damage modifiers and doubling the number of hits for the ability to keep its original potential. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and will be extending the featured summon banner for Just Cause 4 until 6/28 23:59 PDT.

Players who meet the following conditions will be receiving a compensation of lapis x200 by next maintenance:

- Players who summoned at least 1 Rico Rodriguez from the period of 6/11 to 6/25 PDT
- Players who exchanged at least 1 Rico Rodriguez from the Ticket Exchange (Collaboration Festival)

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.