All players will receive the following as compensation by the end of maintenance, 7/2 PDT:

- Lapis x1000
- NRG Restore 10 x30

Thank you for playing

Maintenance has been completed.

Bug Fix:
- The scoring issue which gives players a score of "C" in Dark Visions - The Advent of Chaos has been fixed.

Unintended additional criteria contributed extra points into the calculation and this caused the score to be inaccurately tabulated, resulting in a score of "C" despite players scoring high on the criteria that were displayed in-game.

We have removed the unintended additional criteria and points achieved for those criteria from the total score. Players will now see a corrected but lower point total being displayed after the bug fix (when compared to their point total before the bug fix).

This issue has been fixed and the ranking is reflected correctly in the re-opened Dark Visions - The Advent of Chaos event.

Please note that the display of the achieved completion rewards will be affected, due to the reduced scores. However, players will keep the rewards achieved from before the bug fix was applied. Should the players reach the previously achieved milestones again after the bug fix is applied, players will not receive the rewards again.

We will be extending Dark Visions - The Advent of Chaos to 7/6/2020 00:59 PDT. Compensation is under discussion and will be announced at a later date.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

[Compensation for maintenance]
- Lapis x 250
- NRG Restore (10) x 10