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[Update Summary]
[Available from 7/1]
- New Events/Summons:
- Just Fine July Login Bonus
- World Revisit Quests
[Available from 7/2]
- Free Unit: Mont Leonis available from WOTV FFBE Equipment Enhancement event
- New Events/Summons:
- FF EXVIUS Universe Campaign
- WOTV FFBE Equipment Enhancement event
- FINAL FANTASY VIII: Sorceress Edea
- WOTV FFBE Featured Summon
- WOTV FFBE Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- WOTV FFBE Step-Up Summons
- 5★ Guaranteed (30% Featured) Ticket [WOTV: S.L/K/G] Summon
- Exchange Shop (WOTV: S.L/K/G)
- Ticket Exchange (WOTV: S.L/K/G)
- Gilgamesh (WOTV FFBE) Unit Intro Quest
- Sterne Leonis Unit Intro Quest
- Kitone Unit Intro Quest
- Half Energy campaign for Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 story quests
- Amazing Enhancements
- Inventory Expansion
- Chamber of the Indignant: Scorn of the Sworn Eight of Paladia
- Bundles:
- Roaring Lions Bundle
- Twin Princes Bundle
- Swift Shinobi Bundle
- Restoring the Bloodline Bundle
- Known issue:
- There is a visual misalignment issue in regards to certain screens after obtaining a unit's trust master reward or super trust master reward. We are investigating this issue and will fix it as soon as possible.
[Available from 7/6]
- New Events/Summons:
- Ticket Exchange (Next Era II)
- FFBE 4th Anniversary: Next Era II Ticket Summon
- FFBE 4th Anniversary: Next Era II Login Bonus
- Bundles:
- FFBE 4th Anniversary: Next Era II Bundle

* Compensation for the issue regarding Rico Rodriguez has also been sent to affected players.

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