Improvements on Gil Procurement

To address concerns regarding gil requirements in the current environment, we will be making improvements to some of the existing gil-centric content, as well as introducing new avenues for gil procurement within FFBE.

Gil Map Rewards Boosted

Gil Maps, available from King Mog's Lost Maps, have been improved from rewarding Gil Snapper Tower x1 to Gil Snapper Tower x5 per run.

Daily Coin Shop Update

Gil Snapper Towers x5 will be added to the Daily Coin Shop.

* Refer to the Updates to the Daily Coin Shop news for more details.

Gil Bundle Improvement

The existing gil bundle (Bundle of Riches) will be improved from providing 50,000 Gil to 1,000,000 Gil (per daily purchase). Please note that there will be no change to the price of the bundle.

Who Wants to Be a Gillionaire Bundle

This amazing bundle is designed to provide all users with a considerable amount of gil, and consists of a grand total of 20 Gil Snapper Towers for just 100 lapis!

Half-Gil Awakening Campaign

To also help players cope with the increase in gil costs, a Half-Gil Awakening Campaign will be held from end of maintenance, Thursday, 9/17 - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 9/30 PDT.

Gil Map Present

Along with these updates, a one-time present of Gil Map x5 will also be sent to the mailbox of all players.

Also keep an eye out, as we are planning on more gil campaigns to be held in the future. Thank you for supporting the game thus far!