Thank you for playing

We have heard players' concerns with regards to illegitimate activities in Dark Visions events and the following measure will be implemented.

Starting from the current Dark Visions #6 (starting 9/24 PDT), players who are found exploiting the event will have their ranks removed from this event as well as the rankings for the next three Dark Visions events.

Players who are found to have engaged in prohibited activities in Dark Visions #1 - 5 will also be removed from the rankings of Dark Visions #6 - 8.

These removals are temporary, but those found to be repeatedly exploiting Dark Visions will be permanently banned from participating in future Dark Visions events.

These rules will be strictly enforced at the end of the Dark Visions #6 event period on 10/8 PDT when offenders will be removed from the rankings and banned for the following three Dark Visions events.

The ranking rewards for Dark Visions will only be sent out after any illegitimate users have been removed. Legitimate users whose ranks improve due to the removal of these accounts will be sent their improved, righteous reward.

Please note that the removal of illegitimate users from the rankings may take some time after 10/8, but it will be concluded before the ranking rewards are sent out. If you notice any suspicious behavior, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.