Version 5.1.0

Thank you for playing

The following updates have been made:

- Improved visibility of event period in Dark Visions

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with NV units where shared abilities or equipment could only be equipped in the same slot.
- Fixed an issue where bringing one's own units as companions into battle would cause the game to crash.
- Fixed an issue where Vision Cards were unequipped when companions were brought to battle.
- Fixed an issue where abilities set as favorites had the "favorite" tag removed after closing the game.
- Fixed an issue where units would not automatically perform limit bursts after a brave shift.
- Fixed a display issue with the experience points given by the max level King Metal Minituar in the Corporate Power Bundle where it showed 100,000 experience points instead of the intended 4,500,000 experience points.
- Fixed an error message that would pop up when entering battle after viewing a guest unit's equipped ability details when selected as a companion.
- Fixed a rare visual issue with Dark Visions missing scoring criteria.
- Fixed an issue where some Player IDs would not display correctly when first starting the application following the installation of the latest version update from the app stores.
- Fixed the black screen that appeared in the cutscene of The Concert Hall - Powered Up Monsters in 3rd Season Chapter 4 Part 2 of the main story.
- Fixed an issue with the reward message displayed when receiving a bonus trust moogle after awakening a 6★ unit to 7★ for Bahasa Indonesia.