Chamber of Challenges [Updated!]


The amount of red star quartz received as a drop in the Chamber of Challenge will double starting from end of maintenance, Thursday, 10/22 PDT.

Chamber of Challenges

A new feature will become available
after maintenance on July 18th!

Introducing the Chamber of Challenges

Within the Chamber of Challenges, the boss awaits! Challenge the boss in five different difficulties - INT, ADV, PRO, ELT, and LGD.

Clearing the missions will yield a new item,
red star quartz!

* Once the mission is cleared, clearing the same mission will not award any more red star quartz.

Red star quartz is an item used to exchange for new enhancement units, called doors!

Doors can be used to further increase the max limit of a unit's stats.

- Using a mini soul door, Sacred Shield Charlotte's SPR limit will increase by 1 from 65 to 66!
- Using a soul door, Sacred Shield Charlotte's SPR limit will increase by 5 from 65 to 70!

You can fuse multiple doors to your units to increase each parameter's limit up to 1.5 times the original value.

For example: Sacred Shield Charlotte's SPR limit can be increased up to 97, deriving from 65 x 1.5 = 97.5 (Digits following the decimal point will not be included in the maximum value)

Exchange red star quartz for doors by accessing the banner inside the Chamber of Challenges!

The boss will not stay in the Chamber of Challenges for long! The boss challenge will remain for a week before a new boss challenge takes its place on maintenance day.

Once the new boss challenge begins, the missions will be reset, and clearing them will award red star quartz again.

* The boss and its contents may be subjected to change.